5 o’clock cocktails || aviary part II

A spontaneous visit to the molecular cocktail kitchen called ‘Aviary‘. The lounge serves up bites along with the most amazing cocktails one can lay eyes on. This place has quickly become a toxic love affair, the drinks are lethal but perfectly balanced and the presentation just makes us want to order more, and something different every time. They even get you started with a ‘amuse bouche’ – this day’s offering was = a tomato filled with the ingredients of a ‘Bloody Mary‘ = sheer brilliance.

We requested another standing room only table at a high round bar so we can get a view of the kitchen as they construct and create the cocktails and bites. We did test out the ‘bites’ this time around. You need to order bites as a minimum of three at a time. We went with the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake‘ + ‘Chocolate Brioche‘ + ‘Foie Gras‘. Pricey at $4-9 a bite but OMG for your eyes and taste buds.

Now onto the drinks, after all this posting is about cocktails. I loved this one. ‘The Rock‘, it is an old-fashioned fused into a rock shaped ice-cube, that is then cracked open with a rubber band, it is part performance art and a large part ambrosial.

Next up, was the ‘Ginger‘ their only vodka based cocktail on the menu. It arrives as glass of what appears to be ice with micro herbs and chili pieces served with a sidecar of vodka. The minute you mix the two together stirring with a lemongrass swizzle stick it turns red. Unsure what to expect when tasted, it has a subtle start, that develops into stronger recognizable flavors as the drink ripens. Last up, was the ‘Rootbeer‘, a clear tall glass, filled with bubbly clear liquid and perfectly clear vanilla infused ice-cubes, careful this one goes down easy.

Grant Achatz and the team started offering ‘flights‘ at Aviary. I think they mentioned it was $125.00 with 7 drinks and bites along the way, offering cocktails that are not available on the menu. Will have to try that one on the next visit. You can read about NEXT – the Paris 1906 experience here, and you can also read about our first Aviary visit here.

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