Zimbabwe || victoria falls

Victoria Falls or Mosi-o-Tunya (Smoke that Thunders) is one of the seven natural wonders of the world so of course we could not pass up on the opportunity to visit. At the time of the year we called by the falls they were flowing fast & furious so it was hard to get close without getting drenched.

We did walk along the Zimbabwe side, it was loud, ferocious and beyond wet. We got soaked, head-to-toe dripping wet – soggy. It felt like someone was dumping water on us from one of those fire fighting helicopters.

Speaking of which, we did do a 15 minute helicopter trip to check it out from above to get a better view. A view of the 1 metre rise in the level of the Zambezi river resulting in a 5 metre increase in the level of the water forced through the gorge. The rainbow charged dense spray of ‘Smoke that thunders’ was an astonishing sight, these photos don’t do it justice.

There will be no survival rates for anyone going over these falls in a barrel.

Check out where we stayed in the area by clicking here.
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3 responses to Zimbabwe || victoria falls

  1. Al Jairo

    Amazing view! I love the way you take the angle. I can imagine how wonderful to be there. Nice post, your posts about Africa are very interesting. You should try to check my blog, maybe you’ll interested to visit Indonesia. Thanks for sharing by the way :)


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