Zimbabwe || safari sightings

See where we stayed in Zimbabwe by CLICKING HERE.
For more photos and posts on Africa CLICK HERE.

And for the BIG FIVE in the Sabi Sands – Safari Sightings CLICK HERE.


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  2. Mrs E

    In 1995, my dad was working in Zimbabwe and my family had the opportunity to spend Christmas with him there. I was 12.

    We went on a Safari that had a walking tour. We were able to get fairly up close and personal with a lot of the animals including giraffes, antelope, etc. We got a little too close to a group of Cape Buffalo (yes, part of the Big 5) and were forced to climb trees as they chased us.

    Our guide created a distraction in the field, and had the three buffalo chase him in order to protect us, the tourists in the trees. He returned 30mins later, sweaty, but okay and confident that he lost them somewhere.

    We made our way back to the lodge, a little shaken, but with a great family vacation story!


    • Valentine Post Author

      Thanks for sharing that story – exciting & scary all at the same time. In Sabi Sands [South Africa] we did a walking tour but we didn’t have any incidents [phew] it was a little unnerving and great experience to get out of the truck.


  3. madeofballoons

    I just saw http://storyofbing.com which had such safari sightings, it’s really exciting from what I see in these photos. Your experience must be really memorable and it’s just difficult to use words to describe the exhilaration and excitement!!! Makes me want to travel more. The previous time I went to Cape Town (I never thought of stepping foot into SA yet), we didn’t have a chance to do a safari trip unfortunately. I must go back to SA!


  4. saboka

    These are AMAZINGG!!! This is my first time literally seeing a Warthog!! I am soo incredibly jealous of you being there! Can’t wait to see more pictures of these :D


    • Valentine Post Author

      Yep – they are funny little things they eat grass by bending their front knees as their neck is too short … have some photos of that coming up soon in Botswana ….


  5. Dee

    I laughed when I see the checklist, It’s you’re going to shopping.. Nice shoot.. I love the pair of squirrel picture.. and the trees…


  6. Gian Ramos

    I absolutely love your photos! I love animals and it’s amazing how you’ve captured them in your photos. The animals seem to come out from the picture :)


  7. Bama

    There are not many posts/blogs about Zimbabwe. But from your pictures it seems like the country is really worth a visit. I like the photo of elephants crossing the road.


  8. Nabreska

    There’s no place with animals like Africa. There’s nothing so exciting and calming to sit at a fire while listening to the sounds of the night. Jackals calling, bush babies calling each other, crickets,……I was fortunate enough to be born in Africa and lived there for 49 years.


  9. thoughtpantry

    Amazing photos! Love the check lists. Also giraffes in my opinion are one of the best looking animals ever…just look at those over-sized ears and nubs on the top of their heads!


  10. countoncross

    WOW, beautiful pictures!!!
    I just did a post about Giraffe’s….Did you know that they can clean their own ears with it’s 21 inch tongue?
    I know it is gross, but interesting….right?
    Nice Blog.


  11. wrap me in phyllo dough

    Though all these shots are remarkable, my favorites are the very first one (with the guide and the rifle) and the silhouette of the giraffe with the sun coming through the trees. Very well done.


  12. Bethany

    Beautiful pictures, I am so jealous, we would love to do exactly what you did! Your pictures are great and even more so what an amazing experience!


  13. Katie

    These are lovely! You take excellent photos! I’m extraordinarily jealous of you for being in Africa–I’d love to go on a safari!


  14. Valentine Post Author

    Thanks for the FRESHLY PRESSED love from wordpress.

    Viewers / readers – AFRICA has to go on your TO VISIT list it is amazing …

    More photos coming soon on Botswana … Check out the AFRICA link to access the photos of South Africa Safari Sightings lots of cats….

    Thanks for stopping by.


  15. tereasa

    my god. i literally have goosebumps, and have never wanted to travel more. these shots are insane. what an incredible experience.


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