Camp || wandawega lake resort

We were so excited to return to the ever-so-magical Camp Wandawega. Whenever I visit it makes me feel not only like I have stepped back in time, but it takes me back to the time in my life when things were simple and always filled with sunshine, butterflies and constant carefree smiles. Camp Wandawega really is a beautiful melody.

The ever so clever David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt have amassed an amazing collection of items that are impeccably curated and displayed throughout the property preserving it perfectly in it’s vintage fabulousness. If you want some inspiration on how to display your vintage finds check out Tereasa’s new book Found, Free & Flea available for sale here. Some of the photos in the book were taken by Coscarellli [my very own talented husband, photographer of all things beautiful].

Camp Wandawega categorically is the quintessential american-summer-time-lake-vacation filled with FUN. There are plenty of nostalgic favorite activities to participate in like swimming in the lake starting off with a dive from the rope swing, canoeing on the clear water, or sunbathing on the floating sun deck. Then back on land borrow a bike and explore the local area, enjoy some tennis, a walk in the woods, or rest by swinging in the hammock and read a good book or catch-up on trashy magazines. Indoors escape the heat and find a vintage board game to play. If you are interested in staying at Camp Wandawega you can book by clicking here.


4 responses to Camp || wandawega lake resort

  1. tereasa

    look out, bob! you have some competition in the photo department. (karen, this post rocks the house!) that little carafe is going to get used every. single. weekend. you two are the best guests ever. thanks so much.


    • Valentine Post Author

      So excited that thermos is a hit : ) Looking forward to your Found, Free & Flea book signing next week. Congratulations once again – the book looks great.


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