Noodle Dinner || Takashi

Takashi Michelin star restaurant, we have sampled their menu on many occasions and it has always been consistently star worthy. However, we recently decided to give the Sunday Noodle Dinner a whirl to get a potential glimpse into the much talked about soon to be opened Slurping Turtle. This is going to be their permanent address for a noodle bar.

Hungry and indecisive we left our server select our dishes until we said – No more! She was fantastic and gave us a great tour of the menu. We started out with the following two dishes: takashi salad mixed greenpickled ginger, gobo and lotus root chips, sweet onion dressing  and the pork belly snack steamed bun, hot mustard.  With these two selections we instantly reaffirmed to ourselves that having someone make the selections for us was the best decision to make.

We then moved onto: prosciutto-chicken croquettes tartar sauce . OK – these are ridicioulsy good, I could get them by the bucket load.

We were then suprised by the soba noodle dish: chilled nori, yuzu, wasabi, soy-dashi dipping broth. Handmade buckwheat noodles served cold, a first for us and we weren’t disappointed, the texture combined with the temperature was a delight for the taste buds and the mouth [husband’s fave saying – ‘had good mouth feel’].

We loved these two courses: tempura shrimp, shi-shito peppers, kabocha squash, warm dash broth  and the shoyu classic tokyo style ramen, braised pork, barbeque egg, marinated bamboo shoots . Our oohs & ahhs over the dish had other diners order ‘I’ll have what she’s having’.

Not believing we had room for dessert we made room when these arrived: soy coconut panna cotta passion fruit syrup and seasonal berries and the salted caramel cheesecake sweet bean paste, shaved mandarin ice. Both of these consumed in a bat of an eye-lid, delicate and divine.

However, even after the desserts, my mind kept wandering to the fried chicken – I had to have it to before we left so we ordered the: duck fat fried chicken marinated amish chicken, spicy sesame dressing. I only wish Takshi was opening a fried chicken place  – YUM!

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