Telegraph || new obsession

Telegraph [from the creators of Webster’s Wine Bar & The Bluebird] jumps out of the gate with a rollicking good start. If this is what they have to offer up already, WOW – then this is going to be our new obsession. NO#1. – they have Txakoli on the wine menu. NO#2. – they have a fabulous food menu with interesting dishes that are not found anywhere else in the city [to our knowledge]. N0#3 – who doesn’t like  enjoying their night out in a room that is visually stimulating layered with beautiful textures and materials, I am obsessed with the gorgeous hardwood flooring and the ikat fabric on the banquette. It’s the perfect package.

The west coast sardines, with tomatoes, hard egg  on lightly toasted bread – called a Tartine – loved how the soft doughiness of bread soaked up all the delectable flavors.

The cannellini puree [with butter & bay leaf], baby squash, fried squash blossom tartine – we would also recommend.

Grilled baby cucumber salad, with this amazing riesling spring onion vinaigrette [that I swear I could make a fortune out of if I could ever get the recipe to bottle], and adding in currants & shaved pleasant ridge cheddar – creative with an A++ because it tastes as great as it sounds.

We loved these finger licking / lip smacking little seared frog legs cooked with a dry rub of smoked cinnamon and pimento and completed with a dill crême fraiche dipping sauce [more sauce please].

This was the crowd pleaser at our table. I hope they NEVER take this off the menu: salad of octopus, shrimp, mussel, squid, toasted couscous and dressed with a chili oil. It was so good with the Rose Txakoli that when we found ourselves almost out of wine we put down the forks ordered another bottle and commenced eating again when our glasses were full. As a side note we were introduced to this wonderful wine by our next-door neighbors a few summers back at Rootstock, and lets just say during the warmer months many a case gets consumed around these parts. We can’t wait to return.

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