Botswana || Nxabega

We arrived at Nxabega our tented safari camp in the Okavango Delta after a scenic flight aboard an eight seater prop-plane. During the flight we stopped once, well we landed with the propellers still spinning to let a few people off and collect a few more, before we eventually landed at Pom Pom airstrip dodging the resident wildebeest as we came in. We then climbed aboard a land rover and headed into the bush. As we departed we were informed that it would be about a two-hour drive, longer if we stop due to wildlife. It took about three hours, there was plenty of wildlife to observe and we even squeezed in some time to stop for a snack and cocktail along the way.

As we approached the property, our guide was on the radio “…we are ten minutes away .. we are three minutes …we are 30 seconds away”, and then as we rounded the corner the magic began. A group had gathered to welcome us to the camp, singing songs and greeting us with cold wash cloths and cool drinks. We were ushered inside out of the heat, and introduced to the staff that would be taking care of us during our stay, They showed us around the common areas and directed us to where we could make ourselves cocktails. We instantly felt like we were at home and surrounded by family.

Then we were escorted to our tent down a sandy path nestled in the trees along the banks of a marsh teaming with wildlife. Inside the tent perched upon a wooden platform there were all the comforts one could hope for. It was appointed with feather bedding wrapped in crisp white sheets, a writing desk, a verandah for watching the sun-set or having a massage, and a big ice-chest filled with our favorite cocktail makings. The bathroom was also equipped with an extra-large shower area [that we hear are being renovated to add a bath tub], plush thick towels, and organic bath products.

The only thing that made this a tent versus a luxurious room was the pure fact that the walls were made from canvas. At night during the winter months the air was crisp and cool, perfect for snuggling under the blankets with the ‘bush baby’ [hot water bottle] placed in our bed by the staff before we returned from dinner. Dinner every night was an event in itself, filled with surprises and sumptuous food. One night it was in the dining hall with all the guests gathered at one long table, another night we dined under the stars by a big fire and a huge tree with its branches filled with candle light glistening through glass lanterns. In the early morning you awake to the sounds of the jungle and the voice of your guide waking you ready for a morning safari. Weary eyed we gathered in the lodge, sipped some coffee and had a light snack before heading off into the bush for safari adventures.

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