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We headed back to Next for a Tour of Thailand’ honoring our ‘pact’ with the Snapp family [after 1906 we all left ‘giddy’ and vowed to return every 3 months on a Sunday night to experience whatever was – well – next]. We once gain had a magical dining adventure reconfirming that our ‘pact’ is a brilliant decision, and we left ‘Thailand’ already excited for ‘Childhood’ and ‘Kyoto’ and ‘Sicily’ and anything and everything else they have to offer us.

Thank-you Next for returning us to our Thailand travels for a few hours. We loved the traditions that you infused into the experience, leading us from street-food with newspapers, plastic spoons and paper napkins, into the home for a traditional celebration dinner experience that incorporated Hindu mythology. We loved that you selected the God who protects the day of the week and working that God’s associated color into the table decor. We were there on a Sunday, Surya is the God of Sunday represented by red. Our tour of Thailand was truly visually stimulating, filled with dreamy aromas, delicate flavors, and, yet again, a fabulously theatrical dining experience that we have come to expect from Grant Achatz and Dave Beran.

For a review on the food from a NY Times food critic POV head here. I am just providing you with some highlights and observations from our dining experience and of course plenty of photos as ‘food-porn’.

Like Paris 1906, the start of the experience was presented to us with tasty morsels playfully displayed. A visual feast for the eyes. I can’t wait for what they will come up with for ‘Childhood’ I hope we get to see some Pez dispensers. Loved those fermented sausages, a whole tray of those would have been suffice, and the banana was super fun to eat.

We all agreed that the condiments played a starring role on the table for the next couple of courses. Although there has to be a special shout-out to the ‘beef cheek’, chef pulled out all the stops here, delicate and so damn tasty.

The desserts that they serve here are never understated. Loved the coconut filled with lots of surprises like the egg & licorice. The rose, oops – forgot to stop and smell it before diving into the dragon fruit. The bagged iced-tea brought huge smiles to our faces. Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Oh – there was the VIP action being served up next to us to a very hard-working Aviary employee and his guest. Made us want to get on the roster for a few shifts just to be able to get the bonus round dishes. They looked intriguing. BTW – Sorry for intruding with my photo taking, but it looked so good, you had us all envious and drooling.

We also want to say thanks for letting us go back into the kitchen and check out what happens behind the scenes A-MA-ZING. Everything is so freakishly neat and organized and everyone so friendly, and the design so beautiful [those dark walls and massive islands  are to-die-for]. I am inspired to reorganize the cabinets and store everything in the same size & shape container and display them in neat little rows : ).

Want to read more from this creative group – check out the ‘Aviary’ read about it here and for our first ‘Next’ experience read about it here.

PS. We went about the maddening experience of buying tickets online and paid for it [and happily so] with our own hard-earned cash. And we will be doing it all over again as soon as ‘Childhood’ tickets are available sometime in October [I guess].

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