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Thanks to Passport Delicious for the tip-off on this little gem. The minute I heard about it from Krista – I was all over it like butter on a hot piece of toast. Marched to my iPad and got on the list and waited for the call from EL Ideas. By day Phillip Foss is slinging out Meatyballs from his mobile. In the evenings on Thursday thru Saturday he is joined by Andrew Brochu, and together they create some Elevated Ideas to serve up in their tiny dining room carved out of the huge kitchen.

EL Ideas is a super fun and insanely tasty 10 diner kitchen experience. We have already thrown our name back in the lotto and next time we are taking the full 10 seats. We want to share the experience with our food loving friends, so it is one fun laid back festival of BYOB booze and dishes that are served to surprise and enchant. We kinda want to keep it a secret, but we are just so excited about this place we have to share, and sharing here we will do [food porn below].

When we arrived [somewhat skeptical as to whether our car was still going to be there when we finished dinner] we were presented with a menu that was referred to as a scorecard by Bill – Rock Star – DJ – Super Server [also huge contribution to our fun evening]. Anyway, the scorecard stuck in my head, and I think I took that a little too literally. So here is my recollection of the evening on my El-Scorecard-O! Apologies for the hand writing and spelling mistakes I was operating a pen somewhat under the influence.

Here are some highlights from the meritorious performance. The caviar on the Tasmanian trout was the most amazing tasting caviar that I have ever tried – it will be memorable. The raw bar was a different take on this dish and tasted fabulous. The Corn – love – I want the husks that they magically turned into a salty version of cotton candy [fairy floss] packaged and sold at all sporting events and movie theaters genius [maybe this is my moneymaker invention that I can sell to some big corporation and retire hmm]. The charred avocado was also a super fun accompaniment to the CORNucopia.

The squid ink ravioli had a delightful pink surprise inside – lobster – made me smile – and lick the bowl. The lamb salad was a garlicky pleasure – greek done a new way.

This course had the whole restaurant / well dining room of 10 in the kitchen to partake in a shot of almond milk, before the chefs got back into action for whipping up the next creation. A little bit of interaction with kitchen and to get us mingling, observing, and occasionally assisting with plating, which is encouraged by-the-way.

The fried chicken liver with the foie gras – get the heck out of here – love. Cod and cauliflower was meaty and sexy ‘mouth feel’. The pork belly with the crackle – SNAP – pop of salty goodness. The chanterelles were an artist palette for the eyes and taste-buds, although I noticed the snails missing they weren’t missed. Squab had a nice radish kick. Wagyu was pure velvet.

‘Cheesus christ’ what a great little number they did on the cheese course crunch and cheese just they way I like it. Huckleberries, this course was pushing me well into the full & onto the OVERLOAD feeling. Wait! There was more, one must always finish the meal with a sword fight & salty balls.

A fantastic dining experience, every-bite was as good as the last. This is a highly recommended dining experience for anyone that is a lover-of -food and an adventure-seeking-urban-dweller. Well done EL Ideas you have it going on with high-class food in a relaxed and fun environment.

GO! NOW! Enter the lotto here.

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4 responses to EL ideas || score card-o

  1. Ron Flower

    This is great, thanks for sharing! BTW, was watching the original Iron Chef show last night and Iron Chef French use the “Fairy Floss” on a dish! The judges loved it :-)


  2. Phillip Foss

    First of all, thanks for the great review!! Just wanted to send an fyi that there is my last name is spelled Foss… Thanks again & look forward to seeing u back in soon! Phillip


    • Valentine Post Author

      D’oh! Fixed – sorry about that. Freudian slip – thinking about those corn husks that are like Fairy Floss [aussie term for cotton candy]. Looking forward to our return.


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