Kale || crispy chips

I have always stated that if everything that was good for you was like the texture of a crispy potato chip I would be the healthiest person on earth. Sadly food is not, however I have discovered this tasty treat recently and can’t stop cooking and eating them, I am referencing Kale Chips. They are super easy to make, but test them out a few times to get the right combination together with time and temp that works best with your oven.


4 responses to Kale || crispy chips

  1. Live Beyond Organic

    My Wife made some of these for the first time a few days ago. It was surprising how tasty and crispy they are! Very delicious. Some tips we found: Use organic kale to support the organic farmers, and do not leave in the stem as it gets tougher instead of crispier like the outside leafy part does. Thanks for the article


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