Maude’s || Liquor Bar

Maude’s Liquor Bar a little slice of Parisian heaven replete with the perfect balance of brass, leather, velvet, wood, crystal, candle light, marble and old world charm. Several visits have produced the same level atypical service and quality. Fresh and simply prepared seafood dishes are the center of attention as they are stacked high on the table for all to ogle. The steak tartare that they serve here is currently reigning as our favorite in the city. The cocktails are not just visually stimulating they are expertly balanced and with interesting yet subtle tweaks to some classics. Perfect for a romantic casual evening out or for a sophisticated gathering with friends.

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3 responses to Maude’s || Liquor Bar

  1. Will Muller

    Beautiful, rustic, and velvety atmosphere. The drinks look style has a sophisticated and romantic quality to it. I love the candlelit ambiance, too.


    • Will Muller

      ***The drinks look refreshing and delicious. There is a sophisticated and romantic quality to the rooms, beautiful. (Some of my comment didn’t post for whatever reason!)


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