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We recently ventured back into the world of ‘vinyl records’, the challenge of these days wanting instant gratification with a million songs in your back pocket makes analog a decidedly different approach. It requires exercise. Yep no remote control is going to help you here, every 15-20 minutes you have to move on over to flip or change a record. It’s a commitment or sorts and a dedication to the ears. Daily sounds that we as human beings hear are all in analog, digital is the destroyer of all things natural to the ear, so ears we here-go-forth and give you warmth.

Building a collection Used vinyl can be easily found at flea markets, thrift stores, and of course the ever-increasing resurgence of Record Stores selling new & old vinyl. What to look for in vinyl? If you ask me it is the colored vinyl and awesome artwork that typically draws me in, this approach is hit and miss with sound but is visually appealing and sometimes you strike gold for 35 cents. If you ask my husband, he will say it is easy to take a chance on some vinyl that is $1.00 if it brings back memories buy it. Here are some favorite places so far to buy vinyl online: Sound Stage Direct; Dusty Groove; Reckless: Music Stack; and of course Ebay.

Buying equipment You need to first invest in a turn-table to play your finds. This is where I get lost and the husband truly thrives on doing the research. Start by reading up at Sterophile to get your feet wet by clicking here. And then dive into these links to make your equipment selections: Needle Doctor; Gene Rubin Audio [this is where we scored our equipment and the husband gathered a great deal of guidance from a classical trained musician, great service he comes highly recommended]; Music Direct; and Audio Advisor.

All things Audio And for those that are truly into reading and writing all things Audiophile like check out these links for articles / reviews / user forums / things for sale:

PS. And learn to put the Vinyl away in alphabetical order by BAND / ARTIST to keep your husband happy.


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