Valentine || a typewriter

A friend recently gave me a card with a typed note inside, it started a typewriter buying frenzy. I loved the card so much that it inspired me to buy my very own typewriter from eBay. The only choice that was appropriate was an Olivetti VALENTINE typewriter to match my last name. Some interesting facts about this type writer:

I sent a picture to my brother in Australia, guess who is also a proud owner of a Valentine typewriter? He got his for an awesome deal on eBay. Now to find where it will be kept in my new office space that is getting underway.

PS. Below are pictures of the grey version that my brother purchased.


One response to Valentine || a typewriter

  1. Carol Coscarelli

    Learned how to type on one similar to that in high school! However, we had three electric typewriters and did speed tests every week. Top three in the class always got the electrics. I stayed on the electric throughout high school.Thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread at the time! :)


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