Pie || aussie comfort food

Nothing warms the heart of a Australian like a meat pie. A tradition shared with Grandparents for a Saturday lunch, a must to be consumed at an Aussie sporting event, and a desperate desire after a few too many. The Aussie meat pie provides comfort. In need of some comfort food and far from the Aussie shores with a good bakery selling meat pies I had to go to the effort [with the help of the Husband] of making them myself. Pretty easy really, they just take a little time to put together.

Make a stew of your favorite kind. Here are a few ideas: Guinness, Cheese & Steak; Curried Chicken; Beef Burgundy; Lamb & Rosemary with Red Wine; or anything that you can cook-up in a crock-pot will work too.

To make the casing for the pie use some store-bought ready rolled puff pastry. All you need to do is line some pie tins with puff pastry on the bottom, add in some warm filling, add-on a lid and seal up the pastry. Then cook in the oven at 350*F for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.

Once cooked serve it with some tomato sauce [not ketchup] and add a side of warm peas. I prefer to eat my with my hands, but my husband likes to go at it with a knife and fork. Warning – pie eating with the hands is a skill, one that we are taught as kids in Australia growing up, it can get very messy.

Want to read more about Aussie Pies? Here are a few blog posts to check out: Pie in the Sky; Wikipedia – Aussie / NZ Pies; head head here in the USA to buy online or visit them in NYC; and love this method for making mini pies.


3 responses to Pie || aussie comfort food

  1. Sheeple Liberator

    As an Aussie in the US I really miss pies. I am sad that the pies I have found here (eg, chicken pot pies) often have a really sweet crust. Yuck.

    My personal favourite is the Four ‘N’ Twenty meat pie. You can buy them frozen in Australia and heat them up when the mood strikes. Mmmm. Feeling homesick now :)


    • Graham

      Oh what a lovey pie, a 4 and 20 pie Oii. Most of us Aussie kids loved our 4 and 20s specially at the footy.


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