Meet || nibbles & drinks

Our friend Bettina hosted us the other night in Toronto for some nibbles and cocktails before dinner. Her home was conveniently located close to where we went to dinner [more on that later], and made for the perfect meeting pointing for the group. Toasty warm inside, we sipped on Prosseco and snacked on some really interesting cheese and cured meats that she had picked in various Polish deli’s in Roncesvalles. The most interesting, and fun, addition to the plate was some smoked string cheese, I want to find some in Chicago, it was delicious.

Thanks Bettina for hosting us we look forward to our next invite for pre-dinner nibbles & drinks. BTW – we loved your home: the mix of textures and warm natural tones from the floors, tiles, paint colors and decorative wood work; the cozy grey wool sofa; all mixed with and enlivened by hints of red in artwork, vases and pillows. Serene, sophisticated, very European, a peaceful place to share, and we are glad you did : )


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