New Zealand || Glacier

As we climbed up through the clouds, leaving behind the lush green temperate rainforest, we moved closer to the mountain and over Franz Josef Glacier making us feel like we were entering into a giant container of freshly scooped ice-cream. Once the helicopter set down we soon realized that the crevasses we were admiring from the sky were wide enough for a person to fit down and deep enough to be lost in forever.

To see more from our visit to New Zealand click here.


159 responses to New Zealand || Glacier

  1. walktassie

    just love it. just returned from over a week on the Tasman Glacier, climbing a few peaks there. your pics leave mine for dead and make me wanna go back.


  2. roman

    really nice pics, i’ve been there. i’ve trekked the fox glacier without a helicopter, and the flora and fauna there are also amazing. now i’m in argentina and i saw the perito moreno glacier, so sorry this one is a really huge one. i didn’t wen for a trek on it…. but this one is the biggest one i’ve ever seen.

    take care


  3. Erlangga

    its an wonderfull picture .. I think I’ll never find it in Indonesia.. congratulation on appearing on freshly pressed. I like your Photos


  4. beingouthere

    Really nice shots!! Especially the last one.. Must have been a great feeling knowing that you are standing and walking on top of such a huge moving mass of ice!


  5. ladyjaws

    wow.. you’re lucky to get on to the helicopter. I went there end of october-early november and the weather is not very friendly. we even have to cancel our hot air balloon ride. So sad..

    Nice shots by the way!


  6. Mendieta Orthodontics blog

    Congratulations on appearing on freshly pressed. I lived in New Zealand for a year and a half after only planning on a 6 week trip. It does something to you when you explore it.

    Take a look at my blog about how this orthodontist ended up there!

    Cheers on your pics!


  7. Modern Funk

    Beautiful photos and gorgeous blog…I love the simplicty and modern appeal of it. Very nice!

    Happy holidays!


  8. russiangirlinthisworld

    That’s one of the most amazing posts I’ve seen: your photographs are unbelievably beautiful, I wish very much I see these places too in person one day! Thank you for sharing your experience! Merry Christmas and lots of happy adventures in the New Year!!!


  9. millodello

    Your camera’s lens seems to have a wireless connection to my pulse. I can feel the change from scene to scene. Excellent work.


  10. Mauria Atzil

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! What camera did you shoot with and did the photos go through photoshop? Basically…I’m wondering how you got those colors!


  11. Yatin

    What’s with those dark patches in third pic? Hope it’s not pollution due to human activity. Amazing pictures I must say and I sure the site would be even more.


  12. kagmi

    What an amazing planet we live on. The deep blue of the glaciers never ceases to amaze me. And there is so much we don’t understand about them. Thanks for sharing these!


  13. respectfullywritten

    i understand many glaciers are melting due to Global Warming – what r your thoughts on that? Did u encounter any evidence of melting or heard anything about it melting? Just curious … Pics are great!!


  14. offeygurl

    I hiked the Franz Josef 4 years ago but reliving it again through your pictures brought the amazing memory back to life!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


  15. Valentine Post Author

    WOW thanks everyone for the comments. The Glacier is really doing all the work here … amazing place a must visit country for sure – incredibly beautiful.


  16. Dounia

    Wow, those photos are incredible. That must be an amazing experience – thanks for sharing it and congrats on being freshly pressed!


  17. Sarah D.

    Good grief, did you crawl down into an ice hole to get that photo of the person looking down??? Or were you also on top of the ice looking through a tunnel? Somehow, I suspect the former. To me, that defines terrifying beauty!


    • John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet

      I was stationed there in 1962 as an adminstrative specialist in the Air Force with the NATO command of the U.S. military base that was there at that time. There was nothing fun about walking across a field with winds, filled with snow and ice at 70-80 miles an hour hitting you, while one had to walk across a field filled with rocks of various sizes, just to get to the chow hall for our daily three meals. Many a service personnel broke their legs in making that trip on foot.


  18. Deano

    Great photos! I did the Franz Josef glacier hike with my Dad in 2004. Incredible experience starting in rain forest then climbing up to the top of the glacier. The next day we took a helicopter flight over it to see where we had been, and we realised even after being up there for so many hours how little we had actually traversed!


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