Express Xmas || with Seoul

With family in Australia and myself in another Hemisphere, over the last fourteen years I have spent Christmas Day in some unusual ways. Including a 12 hour layover in Seoul on our way to Thailand. With 12 hours to spare we thought why not take advantage of it and head into town. We grabbed our hand luggage, headed through immigration and then fumbled about trying to figure out how to get downtown. We boarded a bus with just the two of us and had the driver drop us at the Marriott Hotel. From here we pretended to be guests and got the concierge to hook us up with a map and suggestions of things to do and places to eat. Then it was into a cab and onto explore.

Seoul is a fantastic city, safe, friendly, very affordable and fascinating it is so modern yet steeped in tradition. I must mention though that it was freezing, our onward flight left in a snow storm and we weren’t exactly dressed appropriately for wandering about in cold weather. To compensate for our lack of protection from the elements there were plenty of stops for tea and snacks to warm us up, sampling the street food and nibbles here and there. The best stop was for our actual Christmas Feast, the menu was in Korean and we had no idea what we ordered but the food just kept coming and we couldn’t finish it all, the bill came to a whopping $12.00. We ♥ Seoul!


6 responses to Express Xmas || with Seoul

  1. ristinw

    Merry Christmas and Congratulations! You have just received a Versatile Blogger Award! I nominated you as one of the best blogs of this year! :D Keep it up!


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