Urban culinary adventure || Isla

Our last urban culinary adventure to a BYOB restaurant for 2011 took us to the Philippines this time. We visited Isla Pilipina Restaurant on West Lawrence. I really loved this place, but them again I love fried stuff, and I love pork here they combine these together – drool. The service is outstanding and the whole experience was fantastic and the bill came to $14.00 per person.

I asked the guests to answer a few questions to weigh-in with their thoughts on the dining experience. Here is what was said in a few words or one, and in no particular order:

1. Describe the atmosphere that you encountered at Isla Pilipina.
Could do without the car lights blinding me at dinner. The room is comfortable. Dark. Local & cozy. Small so get there early.

2. Describe the service.
Fun. Friendly and adventurous. Attentive & fun. Proud. Eager & keen.

3. Describe the menu.
Brief. Beautifully designed. Imelda Marcos. Illustrative fun. Handmade. Not too many choices so perfect for the procrastinator.

4. What was your favorite dish?
Hands down the deep-fried pork knuckle. The fried little cigar things. The whole fried butter or milk fish whatever it was. The spring rolls. The pork skewers.

5. What recommendation and/or tip would you provide to friends about Isla Pilipina?
Worth a visit. The food is fabulous. Go for anything fried. Go. Take a nice light lager style beer. Plenty of free parking in the parking lot right outside.

Isla Pilipina on Urbanspoon


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