French || Bistro Evanston

We celebrated my Cuzband’s Birthday [Cousin’s Husband] just before Christmas at this delightful little French Bistro – Bistro Bordeaux in Evanston. Absolutely charming, and feels authentically French, and loved that we just happened to be there on a Wednesday when they offer a 3 course ‘Prix Fixe‘ special for $29.00, an unbelievably great deal. Some highlights included: a damn good steak tartare; bread & butter that makes me cry thinking about it; drool worthy pomme frites; buttery garlic good escargot; great service; excellent wine list; and comes highly recommended for a french fix when there is no time to get to France.

Oh and when did the rule that you can take your open bottle of wine home if sealed in a bag with a receipt come into play? I guess we don’t usually have problems finishing the wine, but we kinda over served ourselves for this celebration. Love the wine-doggy-bag.

Bistro Bordeaux on Urbanspoon


6 responses to French || Bistro Evanston

  1. Claire

    This is one of my secret places not a lot of my friends know about! Love it…..almost as much as Bistro Campagne!


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