Toronto || Acadia & Temperance

First off  I need to send a HUGE THANKS to Patricia over at the adorable blog Baby Hedgehogs for the recommendation to Acadia. She provided an awesome list of places to eat in Toronto, and the list came in very handy, our only regret was not enough time so that we could have eaten our way through all of them. Acadia was off-the-charts goodness, steeped in heritage cooking, drawing inspiration from the Maritimes & the comfort of the South. We loved every bite and it set the bar high for the next 4 days.

Dinner started with a complimentary pickle plate, and we devoured these whilst sipping on cocktails consisting of house ‘Manhattan’ and another of ‘Beet’ [we noticed this was a trend in Toronto and a good one that I want to replicate at home]. We wanted to try as many dishes as we could so had out entrees coursed our for us to share. We kinda have to say that the grits and the middlins where the flavor highlight of the night, everything was elevated and perfectly cooked and exquisitely presented, but the true low-country cookin’ dishes just beg to have their praises raised. This one is well worth exploding your calorie intake over and emptying your wallet for.

Acadia on Urbanspoon

At dinner we started chatting to some Aussies that were at the table next to us, our chatting rolled into the staff trying to close for service for the night. Our server suggested we move our conversation across the street to a bar called Toronto Temperance Society. You have to be a member and abide by some rules to get in, or be accompanied by a member, lucky for us it was a quiet night and a member taking a smoke break let us in the locked brown door. Inside they serve up fantastic old school cocktails, perfectly balanced and well worth the $$$. It made for a great boozy end to an excellent first night in Toronto. Thank-you kind stranger for letting us in.

For more details on our November 2011 trip to Toronto click here.

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2 responses to Toronto || Acadia & Temperance

  1. Patricia

    Glad you liked it! I went in December, there were no pickles, but omg the cornbread and bourbon butter was divine…and I got the beet cocktail (and the ‘venus’) as well ;)


    • Valentine Post Author

      I love the beet cocktails that were found in many places in TO. The Gladstone Hotel has a decent one, but Acadia’s wins hands down.


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