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We popped into the deliciously french Bonjour Brioche for a spot of brunch based on a recommendation by the lovely Patricia who lives in Toronto and writes the gorgeous blog Baby Hedgehogs. She provided a long list of great recommendations [see the comments to her Pork Crackle post] and we set about hitting as many of them up as possible.

The bread and butter here I could all day, and if all you do is call in to get some bread from the bakery then you have done yourself a favor. The only thing negative I can say about the experience was being boxed in by too many strollers, it was like grid lock. I think the next visit will be to purely get goodies on the run, or to collect items for some easy entertaining at home. You will however find there: the flakiest of pastries; the perfect mouth-feel baguette with a thin crispy crust, yet light and airy inside; perfectly tart lemon curd; and one hell-of-a croque madame.

Bonjour Brioche on Urbanspoon

For more details on our November 2011 trip to Toronto click here.

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