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You know you, I don’t think anyone really thinks of BBQ when you say Canada, but Barque does a great impersonation of a good-ole-southern-USA-BBQ place, with its own light-hearted spin [as in it is almost health food]. And speaking of spin, I love that on their website there is a Smoke-Cam that shows you what they are currently spinning in the smoker.

The menu is made for sharing, but I understand that some can get territorial over their meat items and the ribs here are worth staking your claim on. I am not a die-hard BBQ fan but this joint does it in a way that I could become one. Here are some highlights: pulled duck tacos with pickled carrots, scallions, hoisin sauce – don’t share these keep them to yourself; the Barque Caesar Salad with the candied smoked bacon brilliant and caesar will never be the same; the Brisket & Chicken smokey sublime meaty goodness; the fries and seasoned deliciously and crisp perfection; the signature Barque ‘n’ Stormy cocktail – make-it-in-a-bucket and serve with a straw good. Super friendly and attentive service – a winner.
PS. It’s pronounced BARK not BAR-QUE : )

Barque Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

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