Soweto || shebeen & jo’burg beer

With 8 hours of spare time before our flight back to the USA we decided to get in some exercise and went on a Soweto Bicycle Tour. We enjoyed our experience riding through the streets giving out high-fives to all the kids at their request as we passed them . We got to understand more about the living conditions of the migrant workers hostel for the mining community, cycled through the Hector Pieterson Memorial, the historical landmark of the 1976 student uprising. We also stopped by Vilakazi Street where Nelson Mandela used to live and where Bishop Desmond Tutu has his home. Along the way, the thirsty work of peddling lead us to a Shebeen to share in some beer drinking with the locals from a traditional communal ukamba [beer cup held with two hands]. The beer we consumed was is in the manner of a Sorghum beer an indigenous African ale using maize, wheat, water and yeast. Nasty, thick, and warm, but an interesting experience none-the-less. Thanks Soweto Bicycle Tours for a fun mid-morning adventure.


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