Donuts || mini magic

Loving these mini-donut pans that we purchased over the holidays. The recipe is super simple taking about 10-15 minutes to prepare and 4-5 minutes to cook. They were perfect from the very first batch that we made. The neighbors even agreed. To buy the pans click here. For some recipes: Baking Addiction does a lemon version, and then Glorious Treats shares some love here, or try Cookie & Cups ‘FunFetti’ version here.


3 responses to Donuts || mini magic

  1. Miranda

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these mini donut pans and I think this post has just convinced me! I recently had some garlic donuts (I know it sounds weird, but they were delicious) and I’ve been dying to try to make them at home!


  2. Chi @ Carousel

    Oooh, they look yummy! Aren’t baked doughnuts the best?

    I made pumpkin ones in silicone doughnut pans over the holidays and dipped them in melted butter/cinnamon xylitol.

    Delish!!! :D


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