Nest || thermostat un-boxing.

Nest has arrived and is shipping. If you are not familiar with this product you have to check it out in the short video below. Not only is it cool looking, it is a high functioning thermostat that learns the way you live, and it is controllable even from your iPhone.

We got ours. Our neighbors got theirs this week and were kind enough to let us install it for the CAF Home Tour we are hosting on Thursday Jan 26th. We will be giving them our order as soon as it arrives. Thanks neighbors. Below is the un-boxing of the design delight. Check it out.

We will share some install photos soon. They say if you can install a light fixture you can install this thing. We will see.


2 responses to Nest || thermostat un-boxing.

  1. Krista

    Too funny–I read the NYTimes article about Nest a few months back and tried desperately to get one. They were sold out everywhere. Never have I been so obsessed by a thermostat! Love rethinking things. Making them better.


    • Valentine Post Author

      Krista – You have to get one … we love it. Except with the iphone App the Husband monitors my temp adjustments and changes them on me remotely – damn it : ) !!!!


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