Road Trip || Detroit

We are hitting the road late Friday afternoon and heading to Detroit for the weekend, taking our Australian friends to see some more of the USA before they move back home. Here is what we have on the radar so far:

  • We are super excited to experience first hand the creative endeavors of Design Tripper with a stay at their [Meghan McEwen’s] very own micro-hotel called Honor & Folly.
  • A visit to this place for some Brunch & stock up on some deli items.
  • We hope to get here for some BBQ and we really hope we make it in time Friday to go here for some cocktails.
  • Anyone got a take on this place or should we spend out $$$ & time elsewhere?

If you have any suggestions on things we should EAT & SEE in the Motor City please send them our way in the comments section. Looking forward to sharing details of what we got up to upon our safe return. Happy travels.

PS. We are back. To see what went down click here.


4 responses to Road Trip || Detroit

  1. Tam317

    I’ve been a reader quite while and even made a detour to Local butchery in New Buffalo after reading your review. Now, I can retuen the favor.

    You must go to Astro Coffee in Corktown two doors down from Slow’s. They truly have the best coffee in Detroit, and your travel companions will enjoy a killer Flat White!


    • Valentine Post Author

      Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing the tip – we will check it out – LOL – Flat-White – I do love a flat-white. Isn’t Local fantastic, we had a rabbit from their in the freezer that we cooked up on the weekend delicious.


  2. Mary Jo Luppino

    I spent 6 years in Michigan and just love it. I would recommend taking a short drive to Ann Arbor if you get a chance. It is a great campus and has outstanding food and I can definitely provide some recommendations. I look forward to hearing about your experience.


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