Detroit || We thank-you!

Detroit you are a magical place. From the minute we pulled up to the Corktown strip on Michigan Ave we knew that we had arrived into the middle of something. Something – brewing and bubbling and evolving and developing. Something – electric and on the edge of greatness, a resurgence of sorts. It was awe-inspiring to see and feel the reinvention of Detroit. Observing, even just a glimpse, as it emerges from deep depths on the rise to great heights, being born from natural creativity and organic inventiveness is a gift. It is a thoughtful and nurturing community that is emerging from this – something – it’s hard to describe but worthy of experiencing. Meghan McEwen of Designtripper has created a piece of that magic with Honor & Folly, and many of her friends and community that she so graciously introduced us to this past weekend kept reconfirming, over and over, this euphoric feeling we all experienced. Incredible pride, mid-west friendliness, commitment, and vision for a community and it’s opportunities. Yes there is great decay to the city, and empty lots, it looks broken and hurt, but between the cracks beautiful things are happening. Don’t stand back and judge, get in there and experience it with an open heart and mind because that is how Detroit is going to accept you.

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