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A huge thanks to Chi over at Carousel for the shout-out to my blog, thru her Leibster Award post. This has encourage me to share some link lovin’ with everyone. So here are some discoveries that I have made on the WWW that I want to share with the world, blogs that I have been obsessed with lately.

First up A&B C the World – clever name and adorable to boot. Written by Ashley from Seattle, it documents her travels and adventures with her to be husband B.

I have made a shout-out to Patricia before, but I want to re-post here, as I love her photography and keeping up to speed on the going-ons in Toronto and all the delicious recipes she shares. Head over to Baby Hedgehogs.

Jessica Stanley, a fellow Melbournian living in London, I love her regular 10 photo posts, where she shares 10 photos from her week. Great eye-candy.

And here is another Aussie, Rohan Anderson, we had similar childhoods coming from Gippsland, he writes and photographs for this gem of a blog Whole Larder Love, and shares travel adventures, life on the farm and all things delicious and fresh.

Mitch Ranger [friend & clever creator] has just launched his Wedding Photography blog, I wish I had of been invited to all these events. Don’t forget to check-out his commercial photography work too.

Here is a proper intro to the lovely Chi over at Carousel, also sending you a thank-you for introducing me to some other lovely blogs [see below] thru her Leibster Award post. Chinyere Feasey [prefers to be called Chi] is developing an ethical childrens-wear range to be launched in 2012 [can’t wait to see it]. Her blog documents her inspirations. She lives in Oxfordshire, UK with her husband and daughter.

Heather is an American from New Orleans and living in Amsterdam with her Dutch husband and dog. She writes this lovely blog on her travels called Canal Notes. I am in love with her dutch city bike.

Kinga is a store owner Suite 404 that is soon to open, and I adore her photography, especially of her work. Most fascinating post is her sketchbook project check it out.

Hilary Rose Walker and her husband are great photographers creating this visually inspiring blog. A Tennessee girl and so adorable head over to check out her blog.

Last but not least on the introductions thru Chi is Paper Peony written by Cathy from her beautiful hometown of Stellenbosch, South Africa sharing all her inspiration & creations.

Thanks everyone for the inspiration you create. Link lovin’ it!


10 responses to Link || lovin’

  1. Canal Notes

    Wow, thanks so much for the shout-out, Karen! And for introducing me to some new blogs – I really got a kick out of Whole Larder Love :)

    You are most welcome to go for a spin on my Dutch city bike anytime you are in Amsterdam :)


  2. A&B

    Thank you so much for that wonderfully sweet shout-out! I believe it is our first shout-out of any kind so it means a lot (especially coming from your impeccably designed blog)!

    I am definitely going to be spending a lot of time looking through your other recommendations. All those headers are gorgeous!


  3. Chi @ Carousel

    Thank YOU, Karen! Your gorgeous blog enables me to satisfy my wanderlust vicariously.

    I love nothing better than discovering new blogs so finding yours through #Discomania was a real treat.

    You have great taste so I’m really looking forward to visiting the blogs you’ve chosen! :D

    P.S. Hope your presentation went well! :)


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