Wayfare Mag ♡ Babylonstoren

Coscarelli & I were interviewed for Wayfare Magazine, a new online travel magazine, where our photos and experience of Baylonstoren have been captured. Check out their pilot edition by clicking here it is a fantastic magazine filled with beautiful photographs and bona-fide travel stories.

For more details on our visit to the breathtakingly beautiful Babylonstoren click here [for the garden] and click here [for the cottage stay].

Page layouts & art design by Wayfare Magazine, written by Meghan McEwen, photography by Bob Coscarelli & Karen Valentine.


5 responses to Wayfare Mag ♡ Babylonstoren

  1. Prêt à Voyager

    So happy to have you in the first issue, Karen! Love your blog :) Lauren and I totally got lost in it (in a good way) when working on the spreads.

    Wayfare, art director


    • Valentine Post Author

      Thanks for the kind words. I love reading your boarding pass posts to gather new ideas for our next adventures. Can’t wait to see more from Wayfare.


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