Venezia || Veneto Italy

Venezia [Venice] is one of my favorite places to get lost. Heading out without a map to reference, taking your time to stroll along narrow alleyways [calli] and over bridges, as you inter-twine with the canals you will find many hidden treasures. If you visit in May to October be prepared for the crowds, and crowds in close proximity. Many are day-trippers, so getting out in the early morning to witness the city get ready for the tourist onslaught is a treat. In the evening find a spot for a cocktail and wait for the crowds to disperse. Don’t forget to pack a camera as the early morning and afternoon light provides some amazing photo opportunities, the colors and textures are mesmerizing.


3 responses to Venezia || Veneto Italy

  1. Olivia Griselda

    great shots! i love the city too. visited it last july specially for the venice biennale, and fell in love with it :)


  2. madisoncary

    gorgeous photos! i went to italy during high school and fell in love with this city! it’s so romantic. i’m definitely dying to go back again after seeing these!!


  3. Karen

    Love your beautiful photos and agree with getting out early to avoid the crowds of tourists. It’s nice when you can take a photo and not have twenty strangers in the shot.


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