Fez || fascinating morocco

Fez [Fes] median called “Fas el Bali” is a UNESCO World Heritage site and claims to be the world’s largest contiguous car-free urban area. It is a labyrinth of cobblestone lane-ways that are surprisingly hilly, selling everything that anyone can imagine: snails; live goats; every part of a butchered animal; fabrics; leather goods; you name it. People are creative in making money in any way they can, and corruption opportunists are ripe at every twist and turn, but always greet you with a smile.


4 responses to Fez || fascinating morocco

  1. The Road is Life

    Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say, I love it! I grew up in Chicago but spent the last nine years traveling the world. I can relate to ALL your posts! And look forward to following you!



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