New Orleans || birthday

This weekend we are off for a long weekend in New Orleans to celebrate my birthday with my favorite boys and travel partners: the Husband; and my big Brother [so awesome he flew from Australia to join in the fun]. Here are a few highlights of what we are thinking of doing:

I am dying for an Oyster Po’boy. Got any suggestions on things we should EAT & SEE? Please send them our way in the comments section. Looking forward to sharing details of what actually went down [no pun intended] upon our safe return. Happy travels to all.


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  1. gds.lucystoner

    Ah, N’Awlins… It is one of my favorite cities… The Hubby and I are going in mid-April to celebrate a milestone birthday. Here’s some of the things I have on the agenda:

    We’ve been to New Orleans many, many times and we have yet to eat at Commander’s Palace in the Garden District so I made sure that we would have his birthday dinner there… We are also going to Cochon — the menu looks lovely! I’m thinking of going to Cochon Butcher for lunch as well… I always go to Central Grocery to grab a muffaletta… I like Cafe du Monde but we are fans of the Croissant D’Or… Burgers at Port of Call are also a good bet especially the day after a wild night :)

    Our favorite watering hole is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. I also like the ambiance of Napoleon’s.

    Take the St. Charles trolley and do a self-guided walking tour of the Garden District… Take the ferry to Algiers… Take a plantation tour… Tour some of the house museums in the French Quarter…

    I could go on endlessly… Enjoy your trip :)


    • Valentine Post Author

      Love the list … Lafitte’s left a lasting impression on me 12 years ago when I was last there. MMMm burgers after excessive cocktail consumptions will keep that recommendation on the list. Thanks for taking the time to write this out. Love it!


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