Vintage Travel || Buenos Aires

NAME: Karen Valentine
DATE: Winter 2000
LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
FAVE MEMORY: Visiting the Religious Theme park witnessing a pop-up Jesus come out of the fake mountain every hour wondering why we ever decided to visit? Judging all the restaurants not on the food but whether our travel/work colleague could get his legs under the table. Loving one meat restaurant, not for the meat but for the olive oil & balsamic cart. Watching a women breast-feed at lunch in a fancy restaurant, whilst smoking a cigarette and using her lighter to entertain her fussy child by flicking flames in its face.


3 responses to Vintage Travel || Buenos Aires

  1. paularociio

    There’s more in Buenos Aires than graves, meat and religious theme parks hahaha hope you could see more and enjoyed your stay!


  2. helen5198

    Haha I read about the religious theme park when doing a bit of Argentina research. I’m sure it had tasteful, nonblaspheme intentions!


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