Julia Child || torture cassoulet

No wonder Julia Child drinks whilst she cooks, her recipes are a *@#ch! We of course took on one of her more challenging dishes the cassoulet. Not difficult in its parts, but the fact that there are so many parts, and you are a slave to the kitchen all freakin’ day, and the damn book of hers is written to confuse the heck out of you. It’s …. for this part turn to this page …. and for this part turn to that page …. add all the things above …. there are no pictures … it is grief in a book. Julia – you almost caused a divorce woman. Your books are being put high on the bookshelf and likely to never be opened again, but damn that cassoulet is good.

All these fabulous meat items come from Butcher & Larder, a whole animal & locally sourced butcher shop.


2 responses to Julia Child || torture cassoulet

  1. Valentina

    Julia Child wrote books for “servantless” (as she said) American housewives, but in reality her books are made for experienced cooks, whether housewives or not. Her recipes are great, but one must be willing to spend hours in the kitchen.


  2. gds.lucystoner

    Wow… Kudos to your accomplishment! The Hubby & I have been wanting to try Julia Child’s recipe for a few years now. We attempt a French recipe once a year for the holidays — but each year we read the receipe weeks in advance and eventually talk ourselves into trying something less labor-intensive… But we might just have to try it this year. We shall see :)


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