Publican || quality meats

Went to the Publican for Brunch and ended up cleaning-out the wallet & the store at Publican Quality Meats. Look away now vegetarians this is not something for you. It is the ultimate butcher shop / deli, that happens to have a cafe too. We were here for the meat and the meat only.

Hello – where in the city can you get a 70-day-old dry-aged-ribeye! The selection of charcuterie alone is worth the visit, and you can also grab local farm & artisanal products including cheese and spreads and alike. The exceptional service & knowledge of the butchers, they totally saw us coming, they up sold & cross sold the store to us, but in a good way.

The feast was delicious [blood sausage, bone marrow, iberico jamon sliced off the bone, ribeye steak, & for later veal cheeks & white anchovies]. Looking forward to a return visit soon.

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