Amsterdam || 4 short days

Amsterdam always has something new to offer with every turn of a corner or crossing of a canal. Having visited before we left off visits to the museums this trip, and just as well as the weather was divine and perfect for all things outdoors such as: walking the streets aimlessly; strolling the markets to seek out treasures; chasing down windmills; enjoying the canal from a boat with champagne; drinking beer on a terrace; dining alfresco; people watching and best of all catching up with old friends.

We came home wanting to replace all the streets in Chicago with canals and get a wooden boat to motor around on, so civilized and relaxing. We also want to get new bikes more upright, a bright light, a loud bell, and with space for lots of cargo. However, first I have to practice how to ride side-saddle on the back, and how to ride very ladylike with a dress on.
See you again soon Amsterdam – XXX.


6 responses to Amsterdam || 4 short days

  1. nancy

    Amazing pictures! Amsterdam such a nice place to visit and have so many places to move around the city.


  2. Chi @ 106

    Oh, how lovely Karen! It all sounds so blissful.

    I just got back from Berlin and I have such an incredible urge to cycle absolutely everywhere! :D


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