Thailand || bangkok

Thailand’s Bangkok is a city of contrast. Quiet temples of meditation & tranquility that leave you feeling centered & peaceful, then turn the corner & quickly a mad chaotic street scene unfolds. A tangle of wires, a sea of humanity, forcing you to dodge pedestrians, cars, tuk-tuks, bikes, motorcycles, street carts & insane sudden torrential down pours. It is busy & bustling, exciting & exhausting but we wouldn’t want it any other way.


11 responses to Thailand || bangkok

  1. overdueadventure

    I’ve just discovered this site and it is nothing short if inspiring. Absolutely love the destination list and the photos are exceptional.

    Bangkok is indeed a city of contrasts, it was my first stop upon arriving in SE Asia, January this year. There was so much to take in but I fell in love.

    After traveling through SE Asia, I’m now teaching English in Hanoi, Vietnam. Leaving shortly to explore China and Australia. After this remains to be decided but this site has given me lots of inspiration!

    You can follow my journey here:

    So glad I found this site!

    An Overdue Adventure


  2. Ben

    Tangled wires indeed. Thailand power lines certainly have a way of ruining nice shots, don’t they?


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