Ebay || Treasure

I love this story.

So it was just Anzac Day in Australia and we all get sentimental and miss our grandpa – WB Nicholls a WWII veteran, a Rat of Tobruk. Anyway, my BIG brother was bored watching TV and playing on his iPad and decided to try to find Grandpa’s old Garage in Manangatang, Victoria, he was a mechanic. So, my Brother looked up 1930’s -40’s images, street view, etc but couldn’t find where it was or any clues as to the existence of the garage. So he thought he would try to get some old bit of junk from Manangatang on Ebay to use in his house…as homage. He typed in “Manangatang”, and only 3 items in the whole of Ebay popped up. One was an old bank cheque/ promissory note from 1940 from the commercial bank of Manangatang. And guess who it was made out to?

W B Nicholls. A cheque from 2 Aug 1940 …. about a week before he went to Melbourne to report for duty. It is for 100 pounds (a bloody lot) payable 5/3/1942 (promissory notes are like bank cheque with a forward due date) and is signed on the back by our beloved Grandpa (when it was later cashed I think). How crazy is that… and of course he got it. Here is the proof.

I love Ebay.


5 responses to Ebay || Treasure

  1. mary coscarelli

    That is wonderful. Do you know how much he paid and how it came to be on eBay? Very interesting. Now I want to look for something from my grandpa’s general store.


  2. Donna

    That is so fantastic! Ebay is indeed awesome. What a great story.
    ps I always tend to get very sentimental on Anzac Day too.


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