Florence || Tuscany Italy

Florence like all Italian towns is best discovered on foot allowing smells and sights to lead you astray, your senses won’t lead you wrong. This city holds a special place in my heart for my favorite History lessons at school where around the Renaissance and the Medici family, and every visit I discover something new and fascinating. Every step I take, every building I enter, I envision walking in the footsteps of the Noble family and recalling the events that they were involved with. The family’s influence in shaping Florence and maintaining their presence in history forever through their supports of the arts & architecture engulfs this town, and we are all richer for sharing & understanding more about this important time in history.


7 responses to Florence || Tuscany Italy

  1. Valentina

    There is nothing better than roaming in Florence. The city’s administrators keep doing a good job in advertising the city since the Renaissance time.


  2. UrbanBilingual

    looks like you managed to avoid the herds of tourists… brava… still wondering how! Romantic and original pictures. Looks like you’re having authentic fun!


    • Valentine Post Author

      We were there in the off season .. early May, the weather was perfect and the city was not overloaded with tourists … timing is everything : )


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