Piccolo Sogno || italian

We made a spontaneous visit to Piccolo Sogno a few nights back when we discovered at dinner time the ‘cupboards were bare’. It was a pleasant evening if we focus just on the food and the service. Lots of variety that takes into consideration seasonal availability, great service, very friendly and helpful with suggestion and wine pairing recommendations. What we found, and will likely be the reason for not returning again, was how odd the crowd was there. We couldn’t put our finger on it at first, it was filled with people who forgot that they were not at a sports bar, dressed in shorts and t-shirts like they just walked off the beach. People! Dress for dinner, where are your manners? [I need to move to Europe]. Did I mention that the meal itself was good? We loved the string-cut black spaghetti with seafood. Do they do take-out or delivery?

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One response to Piccolo Sogno || italian

  1. Valentina

    I find it very disgusting going to dinner and see people not dressed at all. Here in San Francisco we have naked people out in public and in restaurants, totally disgusting.


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