brunch || forno & frog

Heading into the weekend, are you looking for Brunch options? We have two recommendations for you.

We popped into, and pulled up to the bar at Francescas’s Forno for a quick bite to power through to dinner. Service was prompt and friendly. Decor is rustic & airy as described. Menu options were as expected and kinda matter-of-fact, and they delivered in that manner too. Great eggs, excellent crispy warm toast, and deliciously prepared potatoes with a nice crunch on the outside while maintaining a creamy center. Good option that has more seating and availability to the Bongo Room down the street. Do it!

Francesca's Forno on Urbanspoon

The other option is Frog’n’Snail, a second restaurant coming from Chef Dale Levitski. Like with Sprout, the service is flawless and fun, and the room is comfortable and tastefully designed. The dishes can be shared or hoarded to oneself, we choose to share and seemed to over order, but we polished off every morsel, it was all tasty and we couldn’t stop. The Lyonnaise salad was a winner, that egg was poached perfectly, and the homemade ricotta smear is delicious on toast [Dale even stopped by & shared the recipe with us]. Visit – you won’t be disappointed.

Frog n Snail on Urbanspoon


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