Monday Musings || by JK No.0028


– I was so excited – by the exciting travel deal – that appeared in my inbox – moments ago – until – the dreaded – “based on double occupancy” – at the bottom of the offer – slapped me in the face – it’s not like it hasn’t slapped me in the face before – the implied abnormality – as with taxes and tax breaks – or family discounts – or restaurant seating – you terrible single person you – last week – I decided I deserved a restaurant steak and took myself to dinner – the first seat I was given – which I refused – was at a small table – squished near the corner of the bar – so offended – I demanded a table in the middle of the damn dining room and there I sat – having suffered – this cruelty of mainstream – of couples – and marriages – and Siamese-BFF’s – companions – shoulders to cry on – of two-sies – of which I find nothing wrong – in themselves – but the expected normalcy of traveling in pairs – or in a pack – has affected me so foully and frequently – that I can not help but possess some resentment towards – the duo – resentment of the sort – that one resents having – which just makes matters worse – resenting yourself for resenting something – and all because you’re left out – shut out – penalized for being alone – it’s friggin’ High School – I shall never forget my anger – with a hotel restaurant in Edinburgh – just a few years ago – that offered breakfast at a two-for-one price – so it was my thinking that – I should be able to pay for my breakfasts today – eat one – and then come back tomorrow for the second breakfast – since serving me two breakfasts at once would be such a waste – the hotel did not see things the same way – and while my reasoning was respected – there was no second breakfast for John – lovers – families – business associates – duos duetting – got the second breakfast free – a special rate if you have a special person with you – and I ate elsewhere – some day I would love to go on an Alaska cruise – but cruises present problems too – you can always find a cruise ship cabin with two beds – but why – why – why are there no singles? – I love to travel alone – I haven’t lived with another person since I was in college – I honestly don’t think I could take a crap with another human being in the same apartment – let alone hotel room – let alone tiny cruise ship cabin – sure – I can go alone on the cruise – but only if – I pay what the two of you pay – you ruining it for me pair you – forcing me to pay twice the amount – when it impossible for me to have twice the experience – or more clearly – experiences equal to that of two people – unless maybe you flunitrazepam your friend for the entire trip – singles get shuffled around airplanes too – I know you purchased that seat Mister Kamys – but we have a family that needed to sit together so – so where are the childless flights? – I purchased that seat – because I wanted that seat – I wanted to go to China – and today the deal popped up – I could go for ten days for $900 bucks – flying from San Francisco – but naw – I can’t do it alone – alone I pay $1,800 bucks – like a ha ha ha you are so single penalty – it’s just not fair – and I resent that – as much as I resent and resent resenting the happy twosomes who have surely snatched this limited deal up – and to those mainliners – probably hugging – and kissing – and fornicating right now to celebrate the great deal they got – I say – f&@k you have a nice trip –

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2 responses to Monday Musings || by JK No.0028

  1. redbellphoto

    This post made my day! I also, unfortunately and awkwardly looked at by other two-some travelers – travel alone mostly. 31 & single, no kids, no spouse, & a clean slate …but alas the travel world caters to the duo only shuffling the single out of the way like turning over buffet food so the freshest offerings are at the forefront. Sometimes I wish for a travel partner, at the very least, but then again…when I explore foreign cities I think ‘Nah, they only will slow me down”. “You Rock” – I say to myself and carry on to the next adventure, solo.


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