Italy || Civita di Bagnoregio

We were tipped off to visit Civita Di Bagnoregio on a trip back in 2010 by our Italian Inn owners, we made a slight detour to visit on our way into Roma and fell in love with this quintessential Italian Hilltown. During our day-trip, we stated we would love to one day return and stay for a few days to see what life was like. Fast forward a few years later and our wish is granted.

Coscarelli scored the job of photographing the newly acquired home of the talented designer Patrizio Fradiani, in the  Etruscan town established over 2500 years ago. Patrizio & his Partner were also enchanted by the town of Civita, so much so they purchased a property and meticulously took to restoring the space [see here]. This is where our wish was granted and we returned to Civita di Bagnoregio. Whilst Bob experienced the town for 4 days before our arrival, photographing the home, we enjoyed this experience for only a short stay. None-the-less, we enjoyed every minute of living on the plateau of ‘friable’ volcanic tufa that glows like a golden crown in the sun.

Let me take you on a tour of our ‘Castle in the Sky’ starting on the top floor and working our way down. The highest level is where you will find two Bedroom Suites with their own bathrooms. Both rooms enjoying ample sunlight and fresh country breezes wafting in through the large windows with incredible views. The entire ‘Domus’ is filled with creative uses of repurposed pieces, some made by Patrizio himself. Sparse but not spare of personality, quaffed but comfortable, this doesn’t feel like a museum it feels like a home.

Back on the main floor of the house, the open plan design encompasses a kitchen, dining & lounge area, perfect for relaxing, entertaining, cooking while keeping the group together without being on top of each other. This room is an introduction to the Domus Civita and it sets the stage perfectly with an impressive ‘WOW’ factor. Little did we know,  that there was so much more to discover, and so much more to unfold, that our initial ‘wow‘ was diminished by the WOW’s that were to come.

We adored the cat that sat outside the front door watching us, and we were quick to adopt him & treated him to some tins of cat food that we purchased in town. Civita has many cats, all of them petite and polite and incredibly clean and friendly. I wanted to take a few home, I didn’t, alas life for them would be that of a lesser existence back in Chicago.

Down the stairs and into the Master bedroom & den area, another airy light-filled room with lots of opportunity to spread out [I forgot to take more pictures, you can see it on the website]. At night it was a restful and quiet retreat providing the perfect end to a our adventures in the sunshine.

However, it is the stairs leading into the caves that turn this house from fabulous into un-freaking-fairy-tale-believable.

Come back tomorrow for part twointo the caves & out to the garden. For all things Civita di Bagnoregio click here.


4 responses to Italy || Civita di Bagnoregio

  1. melanie

    We stayed there and fell in love yes its a long walk over the bridge but worth every euro


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