Italy || Civita di Bagnoregio [2]

A continuation from yesterday where we shared the interior tour [Part One] from our stay at Domus Civita in the golden glowing romantic hilltown of Civita di Bagnoregio. Here we continue the journey that was astounding at every turn and seemed to go on forever and ever. We knew there was a pool and garden attached to Domus Civita, but we never could imagine or describe the experience of accessing the outdoor spaces. 

Each twist and turn as you enter into the caves below the house unveils a surprise and another moment to cherish. The vast wine cellar, the mediation room, the art installations, all of them provide a serene and ancient treasure experience, you feel like an archaeologist discovering remarkable findings from a un-touched, rarely seen dig.

Above ground, when you see day-trippers approaching the house to get a view of over the valley below, you look at them with this smug look, knowing of the secret, and that they have no idea what lies beneath their feet. You wanna show the world, but you want to keep it a secret. In the garden, and our favorite time was in the evening, you can lounge with wine and listen to the activity in the valley below and the terraced gardens above. We can see them, but they can hardly see us. 

As you enter the garden, and take in the views, two more caves open: one wall-to-wall pool / hot-tub; the other equipped with a kitchen for al-fresco dining. And just when you think the caves are done .. there is another cooling surprise …. I will say no more, for you must experience this place for yourself to really appreciate this fairy-tale experience. Book here.

For all things Civita di Bagnoregio click here.


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