Italy || Civita di Bagnoregio [3]

Today I am sharing a few snaps from around town, following on from our stay on the hill at Domus Civita [Click here to see Part 1, & here for Part 2]. Late in the afternoon the day-tripping crowds head for other hills and you start to see who are the true locals and summer residents of this town.

Ever wondered how this town manages to move house, replace refrigerators, install washing machines, transport food & supplies? It is all done on the back on this tiny little tractor. It is a mighty machine that hauls goods up and down the foot bridge. It is this little red tractor that brought all the stone & supplies & stunning furniture pieces into Domus Civita.

For all things Civita di Bagnoregio click here.


3 responses to Italy || Civita di Bagnoregio [3]

  1. Valentina

    Except a few large cities, called the regions’ capital cities, the rest of Italy is all like that, ancient and Medieval, where life has slower rhythms then the rest of the world.


  2. Carol

    Great ‘shooting,’ Karen! Are you sure your career isn’t really photography? You do some awesome stuff!!


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