Italy || Civita di Bagnoregio [4]

It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t any mention of the food we experienced in this adorable hill-town [click here to see Part 1, here for Part 2, & here for Part 3]. Believe it or not, there are numerous restaurants in this tiny-town. Here are two that we loved. Starting with Osteria al Forno di Agnese there is no website that I can find but others have commented on tripadvisor with ‘happy customer’ reviews too. A small family run restaurant that makes you feel like you are at the family dining table. Fresh simple and all italian what more can you ask for.

Panzanella [similar recipe here] is a Florentine dish, most importantly made from day old unsalted Tuscan bread that is not toasted and a few simple fresh ingredients.

Insalata di Farro con Pomodorini e Mozzarella [similar recipe here] it is hard to leave this region of Italy without an addiction to Farro, it is now my ‘fall’ salad staple.

They called it Focaccia [I can’t even find a recipe for this dish], it was unlike anything I had had. And, ok there is no way that I can imagine that this can be successfully replicated at home, this was delicious: crispy, salty, cheesy, totally sumptuous.

Gnocchi Rosa, although it was spicy so I am sure it had another name [similar recipe here]. Simple, so simple, but big in flavor. Can I go back now for a bowl of this?

The second place that we love [and visited back in 2009 – it is still there], is Antico Frantoio Bruschetteria. The menu is simple Bruschetta & vino is on offer, and whilst waiting for the fire toasted dish to be prepared check out the 1,500 year-old olive press. A unique experience and tasty treat. 

For all things Civita di Bagnoregio click here.


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