Nomi || Wine – Press Lunch

Roam & Home were recently invited to a ‘Press Lunch’ at Nomi for the unveiling of imported wines from A.I. Selections. Bob Coscarelli & John Kamys went along for the experience. Bob Coscarelli took some snaps and John Kamys reports on the event [as follows].

A.I. Selections press lunch was a tasty seminar that focused on a wonderful portfolio of wines – all of them available in Chicago at The Noble Grape – 802 North Bishop Street Chicago, IL 60642. (312) 846-1204

The pairing of Nomi chef Ryan Laroche with A.I. David Weitzenhoffer was inspired. And together they presented five courses full of flavor and sound information for practical food/wine pairing.

The absolute knock-out course was a Wagyu Beef Capriccio served with some savory gordal olives and pickeled chantrelles. This was paired with a beautiful Calabrian rose – Scala Ciro Rosato 2011 – and while the discussion for each pairing concentrated on 1.) Texture 2.) Acidity and 3.) Focusing on a single ingredient or flavor – my take away from this course was that a good rose is not only – not only for summer – but also – a great what-to-pair “spare parachute” to have around the house. A wine well worth some experimentation.

Runner-up goes to the fourth course – Prawn “A La Plancha” – so succulent – served with Israeli Cous Cous. This was paired with a Clement Klur, Gentil de Katz Riesling. A beautiful clean – crisp – dry Reisling. Many people fear Rieslings – figuring they will be sickly-sweet – not the case here.

Of note also was a Cascina Luisin, Barbera D’Alba “Maggiur” 2009 – paired with a rich Black Truffle Risotto with Matsutake mushrooms. Together. Creating a final course so satiating and indulgent that it closed the meal with no need – or desire – for dessert.

The only thing that didn’t thrill me about the afternoon was the silly A.I. Selections tag-line “Eat More Wine” that was plastered everywhere. Surely a company so full of talent and finesse can come-up with something a little more suited to the actual feel of the company – and I hope in the near future it will. Still – while “Eat More Wine” it may not bring in new customers – it certainly won’t prevent me from stopping in The Noble Grape for some A.I Selections – and it shouldn’t you either.


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