Monday Musings || by JK No.0002

– oh to be ruthless – really ruthless – to see the misfortune of another human being as an opportunity for personal and financial gain – were I so – I should like to have a collection of jarred testicles – lined up across my mantle – trophies – from the groins of lesser men – which surely I will have convinced myself I have earned – with my acute cunning – or simply from the inherent ease being the greater man – after lavish dinners in my stately home – with fellow captains of industry and politicians – and joined by my wife – the very ugly and bothersome heiress – I would invite my company to sit by the fire – to drink – to smoke – and to congratulate ourselves for improving our station – I shall smoke a big fat 64 ring-gauge maduro – and while exhaling large bursts of smoke filled hubris – with great satisfaction – and to the delight of my companions – I will work down the row of jarred testicles – sharing only the most whimsical anecdotes of exactly how this or that pair came into my ownership – and we shall laugh – and toast to the fact that we are godlike – or perhaps something more – having made this world a much better place – more civilized if you will – than the way we found it – oh to be ruthless – really ruthless –


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