Takashi || a night to remember

So great to see Takashi kick some @!* on Top Chef Masters, and glad to see him win fan favorite. Before time gets away from me .. here are the rest of those details on that fabulous ‘in-home’ dinner that we got to enjoy. It was so fabulous we did create a BLURB book to immortalize the evening. Quick back story – some friends attended a Tsunami Relief dinner – and had the winning bid for a ‘Dinner-for-8-in-your-home by Chef Takashi’, all money raised went to Takashi’s charity America Red Cross in support of Japan’s March 2011 Tsunami. Not only did the dinner taste good it made us feel extra good. Here is what was served up.

The ‘Amuse’ to get us started. A little tuna taco, the perfect bite that grabbed our attention, and had us excited for all that was to come.

A ‘crudo of baby octopus & scallop’ was up next, delicate and fabulous with a sweet vinaigrette and a mustard miso.

Then it was onto a ‘BBQ Eel Summer Roll’ with the side of watermelon, brilliant southern summer flavors in a new way.

This bowl of goodness was a huge hit in the ooh and ahh department, ‘Grilled Sweet Corn Chowder’. I could eat this every day.

Like all of the dishes, there were many components that went into these simple looking plates. How Takashi managed on Top Chef to get this level of detail in such a short period of time is beyond me. The salad course, a ‘Salad of Duck Confit & Prosciutto’ had these delicious sweet & sour lentils, a perfectly fried quail egg & radish & mache to round out the fattiness. Mmmm – so good!

We moved onto the meat, with a ‘Seared Loin of Veal’ cooked in a lemon caper brown butter and a gratin of spring onion that I want the recipe for.

Dinner was concluded with the holy-grail of dessert, a trio consisting of ‘The Egg, Macaroon, Anmitsu’. All of these were delicious, but it was the THE EGG that won us all over. We still talk about ‘the egg’, and you can frequently find it on the menu at Takashi. Oh! The Egg – how light and satisfying, sweet and salty, sensual and desirable you are. The Egg!

Thanks once again to Takashi Yagihashi  for creating a delicious dinner, also a HUGE thank-you to our generous friends for including us in the invite, with a  big shout out to the wonderful support they provided to such a worthwhile cause. This truly was an astonishing evening.

And if you missed the video from the evening, here it is once again for your viewing pleasure –>


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