Monday Musings || by JK No.0003

– I am in a sort-of state-of semi-shock – it is not – that I did not – think those terrifying things were out there – I had simply forgotten they actually existed in real life – of course I had seen them – heard them – streaming like mad through the media – but they seemed so impossible – so illogical – so far away – that perhaps – in some sort of self-preserving way – I reduced their existence to myth – but oh the rush of terror I experienced this afternoon – at the grocery store – for there – trying to barge a cart-full-of-groceries to the front of the check-out line – and having taken the shape of a bony-faced middle-aged woman with a frizzy perm – was one of them – yes – one of them – now dear reader brace yourself – for fastened to her leather jacket – was the hideous proof – a large – unashamed – red white and blue – Romney/Ryan campaign button – the breath was sucked out of me – it was a publicly out Republican – the first I had actually

seen in-person since the Bush administration – I yielded to a momentary paralysis – shaken from it only by my uncontrollable tongue – that boomed – “you’re not really voting for them are you?” – to which the bony-faced wolf in brown leather and khaki sheep’s clothing answered – “yes, and I hope you are too” – and with this – you could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather – oh – dear friend – it is not that I am as love-struck as others by our current president – but my goodness – the fact that any human being actually believes Romney/Ryan is a reasonable choice – fills me with a profound sadness – leaving me gape-mouthed in disbelief – I hurried from the store – fearing more than my tongue would become uncontrollable – dear reader beware – they really are out there –

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